We are designers and collaborators, thinkers and makers. This is our studio. We have made life changing innovations and remarkable products since 2004.

Every product has a story and we are dedicated to telling that story through thoughtful and engaging design.

Our dedication is to craft products that blend purpose with functionality and beauty, igniting inspiration in every creation.

What we do

Collaborate with us to explore user needs, define features, and craft innovative product experiences from concept to execution. Whether seizing new opportunities or responding to market input we will transform your methods, infuse creativity into your teams and deliver tailored solutions.


Design Research

Decoding user insights, steering product choices with knowledge and create design using the power of research data.

— Design research
— Participatory design
— Research protocols & recruiting
— Co-creation workshops
— Ethnographic research
— Usability testing & validation
— Qualitative & quantitative testing


Industrial Design

Crafting products that are a symphony of intention, utility, and elegance.

— Concept ideation
— Concept visualization
— Aesthetics refinement
— Human factors and ergonomics analysis
— Functional invention & feature exploration
— Physical model-making & validation
— Material & detail specification


Packaging Design

Harnessing consumer wisdom to craft packaging and user manuals that captures hearts. Because beauty alone doesn’t cut it.

— Packaging design
— Structural design 
— Visual Design
— Instructional design


Digital Experience

Forging the future of digital products and experiences with our mastery.

— Product embedded interface design
— Mobile and web app design
— Visual design
— Digital design systems
— Visual brand language documentation
— Implementation support


Mechanical Engineering

Conquer mechanical design puzzles to shape ingenious product solutions that set your brand apart.

— Enclosure and mechanism engineering
— Engineering and optimization of physical UX
— Engineering concept development
— Technology integration and refinement
— Cost optimization
— Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)


Who we are

Our consultancy is small, but our team is highly experienced. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and we strive to earn their trust and loyalty through our exceptional service and expertise.


Carsten Petersen

As a design leader with 19+ years' experience, I founded Made By Makers in 2004 and still love it today. I'm proud to work with clients, develop diverse products, and collaborate with top talent. Over my career, I've empowered clients to enter new markets, launch award-winning products, and change lives. Our small but mighty team is designing the future!

Claus Jepsen

With two decades of consulting experience in consumer electronics, medical tech, and pharma, I'm a dedicated product design expert. I excel in inspiring teams, focusing on customer-centric innovation, and have a keen interest in human factors and interaction design. I previously led the product design business at Designit and worked with top clients.

Anne Jessen

I'm an experienced designer at the intersection of digital and physical realms. A Maker by heart, I use design thinking to solve complex problems and innovate. With the Makers team since 2012, I've focused on new products, especially in medical tech, and enjoy cross-expertise collaboration. I excel in visual communication and am passionate about packaging and instructional design.

Troels Pedersen

I'm a gifted industrial designer specializing in problem-solving through elegant design. My work merges form, function, and technology, fostering collaboration among stakeholders for remarkable results. I've designed user-friendly medical tech since 2012.

Emil Wegger

I'm a detail-oriented industrial designer and devoted Maker. My passion lies in blending advanced mechanics with stunning aesthetics to create intuitive user experiences. I strongly believe in collaborative teamwork. With 19 years of experience, I've designed product experiences for both industry giants like Novo Nordisk and innovative startups in healthcare.

Mads Prip

I'm a tech-loving Maker driven by simplifying complexity and creating seamless user experiences. With a hardware engineering background, I specialize in user interface design and prototyping, blending physical and digital products. My passion lies in co-creating magical user experiences with engineers and designers.

Who we work with

Collaborating with startups and corporate partners across all industries, we unite on a common set of values and a visionary mission to craft products that make an impact.


Our ambition

We want to be a premium partner that delivers not only great results, but also an exceptional level of dedicated customer service and customized offerings.


Work with us

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and to create exceptional products that improve people’s lives.


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+45 86 12 10 44 / +45 21 76 00 57

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Grumstolsvej 4F, 1st floor
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